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                  Development path

                  1. In July 1994, CiXI BAOERMA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was founded
                  2. In May 1996 changed its name to NINGBO BAOERMA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.  was founded
                  3. In December 1999, NINGBAO AIKE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. was founded
                  4. In August 2001, CIXI BAOERMA WASHING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. was founded
                  5. In July 2001, CIXI BAOERMA ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was founded
                  6. In August 2001, CIXI BAOERMA MOULD MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. was founded
                  7. In September 2001, CIXI BAOERMA METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. was founded
                  8. In January 2001, BAOERMA ELECTRIC GROUP CO.,LTD. was founded

                  86-574-5858 2006
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